English Department Open Mic: Race and Social Justice


Tuesday, March 18th

4-6 pm

Angell 3222


If you answered yes to any of these questions or you are just interested in hearing answers to them, then you should consider coming to Angell 3222 on Tuesday, March 18th from 4-6 pm.  The English Department is hosting an open mic forum for any and all undergraduates who have ever taken or considered taking an English class and who would like to share their stories. English faculty members and graduate students will be present to listen and support these undergraduate voices.   Following the success of the Freeze Out, #BBUM, and the UCRJ Speak Out, we want to hear about your experiences as we try to create a more inclusive and welcoming English Department.  


Before the open mic, we also want to start to document the range of your many experiences, from weird feelings and micro-agressions, to specific examples of how a professor handled something well or how a course let you down.  We have created a google form (link below) so that you have the opportunity to provide your experiences if you can’t attend, or so that you can choose to have your experience read anonymously at the open mic.  You can also use this form to contribute to a written document that won’t be a part of the public forum.  We hope that these stories will provide a spring board for productive conversations in our discussion at the event.



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