English Majors SPEAK OUT: Discrimination and Diversity at UM


Friday, January 24th at 1p in Angell 4199
and Saturday, January 25th at 1p in Angell 3241

Are you one of the few students of color in your classes?
Have you ever heard questions of race and racism being discussed in an overly simplistic way or even overlooked entirely?
Have you ever felt uncomfortable speaking up in such moments?
Do you want to work hands-on to break cultures of silence around discrimination and diversity?

IDEA, Integrating Diversity and Equality in the Academy, invites all English and Creative Writing undergraduates to a series of conversations around race and racism at UM. As graduate students across the humanities and social sciences (and clustered in the English Department), IDEA is dedicated to empowering students of color and addressing systemic racism at UM. We will offer an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, discomfort, anxieties, and anger in a safe, confidential space where everyone will be heard.

As part of these initial conversations, we also invite your input in planning a larger, department-wide English event addressing racial climate at UM. In conjunction with Professor Joshua Miller, English Department Director of Undergraduate Studies, and other supportive faculty members, we hope to create a voice for change across the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty communities. There is revolutionary potential wherever undergraduate and graduate students jointly mobilize with faculty allies towards social change, and we hope that you will help us build on the momentum of the Twitter campaign #BBUM to blaze a path towards racial justice within the English Department and at UM at large.


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